16 Charming DIY Bathroom Vanity

Get your fresh body back after the tiring activity by bathing. Make you enjoy bathing in a great bathroom. Design it as interesting as possible. Use something different and present something unique for it. You can apply charming DIY bathroom vanity. Create the best vanity and put them in the bathroom. Trust me it will be very wonderful. You will love it.

Make things you need in the bathroom as many as possible. Try to make all you need yourself. There are many things and furniture in the bathroom which can be created easily. You will be able to do that. Begin from the simples and easiest thing. That’s mirror frames.

You just need to take some boards or woods, cut them into some pieces with the size as you want, and you can unite the pieces with glue or nails to be a frame for your mirror. Paint them to get a modern look. Make two mirror frames and hang them on the wall. Give space between them. Continue your way by creating opening shelves.

Use woods or used wooden furniture, cut into some pieces with the size you need, and you can unite them with nails. Let it open without a door. Paint it and put in the middle of the mirrors. Then, the sink under the mirrors can be put on a wooden cabinet with some dressers. Create it yourself. Use your ability to do that.

Grab the ways to make it. Use woods from used wooden furniture to make it. Remove the paint by sanding them. When it has finished, you can let it on the original color of the woods. It will bring a rustic feel to the room. Another charming DIY bathroom vanity is storage. Are you able to make a basket? Do that. Two or three baskets are enough. Place them between the sink for storing soap or other toiletries.

Be creative as always. Create something useful for your life. Last, show off the charming DIY bathroom vanity with awesome lighting. Enjoy bathing there!

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