16 Stunning Prairie Style Homes

One of many important things in your life is a residence. As it is a place where you spend your life, it should be cozy. Build it with wonderful designs. Make it comfortable and more awesome with excellent ideas. Take the best home style for it.

You have many options for that. One which you can try to apply is outstanding prairie style homes. They will make your residence be an amazing house. Your life will be more interesting by living there.

Prairie-style home was common in twentieth century. At that time, prairie-style homes were designed to blend in with the flat prairie landscape. You can do the same thing to your home. Usually prairie style homes have one-story. Then, continue your way of designing your home by having sweeping horizontal lines and wide open floor plans.

Apply the other common features of prairie style homes with overhanging eaves. It will be completed with windows. The windows will make your home bright at noon and as a good ventilation of your home. This way makes the rooms in your home healthier. Build the big windows with almost cover the wall. Yet, it is also possible to install small windows. Install the windows rows.

Don’t forget to get the nuance of prairie homes by building a chimney. Use stones or bricks to build it. A simple porch can be presented in your home. Design it beautifully and naturally. Place some pots of green leave plants and some colourful pot plants. Your front yard also should be designed.

Grow the green grass there and keep it thick and healthy. Plant some trees to withstand the heat of the sunlight at noon. Present paths there from the fence to the home. You can step on the paths to get to your home. Get a modern look by installing paving there.

Illumine the house with prairie style homes with dim lighting. Get the light from traditional chandelier or pendant lamps. Look! Your home will be outstanding.

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