16 Traditional Black and White Bathrooms

Everyone will say that a bathroom should be design outstandingly and comfortably. This is one of private rooms in a house where we will visit it often. There are many activities we will do there. It is started from the simplest to the activity which needs a long time.

If you are a girl, you will surely be in the bathroom for a long time for bathing. Besides, you will also be there to wash your hands more than two or four times. And you still have other activities to be done in the bathroom.

So, this is the reason why most people want to design the bathroom to be more than just a comfortable bathroom to bath, but be an amazing place to make you like staying there for a long time. Black and white can be your choice to work with in achieving your aim. This can be greater when you are getting unique traditional things to be combined with the black and white in the bathroom.

In designing black and white bathrooms, you need to determine where you will apply the black and which parts that can be applied with the white. This will make you easy to work effectively. You simply paint the wall shiny black.

The ceiling can be also in the same color. As this way will make your bathroom dark, you should smart to build some windows. Use glass as the windows. Open the windows widely and let the sunlight illuminate the bathroom. Dark green patterned tile flooring is a good way. This will not make the room not to dark. You will apply the white through the white furniture.

A white bathtub with traditional details on its stand is very unique. Pair it with a white traditional faucet. Complete it with white sinks, toilets, and also mirror frames. Arrange them in order and in great arrangement. Find out unique traditional accessories to make everything in the bathroom perfect.

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