17 Wonderful Master Bath

Is it a tiring day? Has it spent your energy? Do you feel really tired? Get your energy back, refresh your body, and make you have greater spirit to continue your activities. Make you enjoy bathing by presenting a wonderful master bath. Design it beautifully. Grab the outstanding design and beautify it with some awesome décor. Try to apply something you like there. Make it really yours. Feel the wonderful nuance while bathing there.

Begin designing your master bath by taking a small space in your bathroom for a small park. Let the part open without roofs. Build it to be a natural and fresh park. Grow green plant there. Complete it with a stone pond. Present a fountain to get a sound of water gurgling.

In front of the park, you can place double bathtubs. Choose the white bathtub with purple tiles under them. You can bath while hearing the water gurgling of the fountain. Relax there. Ask your partner to have bath together. It will be very interesting.

You can have an intimate with your spouse. Separate the park with the main room of the bathroom by hanging a curtain. Take the bead curtain for that. It is cool. Then, you can get a cool and modern by painting the wall and the ceiling white. Continue your way by installing white tile flooring.

Place a sink with a black mirror frame on the right side of the bathtub. While on the opposite side, you can make it as the point of your bathroom. A powder place can be created there. Install a mirror with white cabinets. Frank the mirror with black wall lamps. Use space effectively. Beautify it with some awesome décor. Spread a purple carpet. Freshen up with green pot plants. Arrange them beautifully.

Keep the master bath bright by installing the right lighting. Place a chandelier in the middle of the bathroom and surround it with some ceiling lamps. Enjoy your bath there.

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