17 Wonderful Victorian Homes

Enjoy your life in your own house. Create an interesting story of your life in wonderful Victorian homes. Grab the best ideas for that. Bring them to your house. Consider the styles of Victorian homes to get a perfect home as you want. Work with your own creative minds and some awesome décor can make your home look more interesting. It is also possible to insert some styles out of the Victorian home styles. This way will bring a different look in your house.

How to get wonderful Victorian homes? Start by choosing the best materials for that. Building materials are brick or local stone. Bricks are made in factories some distance away, to standard sizes, rather than the earlier practice of digging clay locally and making bricks on site. You can choose one of them or you may also work with both. The combination of stones and bricks will give a great look.

Then, continue your way to the roof. The majority of houses are roofed with slate, quarried mainly in wales and carried by rail. The clay tiles used in some homes would be available locally. Besides, Victorian houses are generally built in terraces or as detached homes. You can do that in your own home. How are the windows? Sash windows but with larger panes of glass are the right windows.

Don’t forget to have a basement with a cellar for the storage of coal, required for open fires and to heat water. Complete your home by providing hot and cold water. It is very common in the Victorian era, although by the turn of the century, hot and cold running water were a common feature.

Then, present sanitation. Regulations were introduced progressively from the 1850s to raise the importance of sanitation features, including correct drainage, waste facilities and toilet facilities either in the form of an outside privy or inside water closet.

One of important thing in wonderful Victorian homes is lighting. Get a perfect home with lighting which powered by gas was available in many towns from the start of the Victorian era. By the end of the Victorian era, many houses had gas. And it has done.

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