18 Amazing Colonial Home

Brighten up your life by living in outstanding place. Present something cozy and interesting in your house. Make it really yours. Work with your own minds and use something you like there.

You can build a colonial home as your residence. Design it as amazing as possible. It is very suitable for you who like history. Besides, it also gives a unique impression. It will be different with other homes around you. Its style evolved from European influences, which started in the 1600s. Know how are the characteristics of a colonial home before building your home to get a perfect one.

When you are building your home, you should know that a colonial home is symmetrical, or square, and feature an entry door that can be found in the middle of the front of the home. It can be the first of ways you can do in building a colonial home. Then, the style also features two windows on either side of the entry door, with five windows on the second floor, with one directly above the entry door.

Choose the best glass for the windows and the best woods for their frames. When it is finished, you can think to create something which usually there is on a colonial home. That’s a chimney. Build paired chimneys, a medium pitched roof to provide drainage in rainy weather and a stairway that is directly behind the entry door and leads to a hallway that bisects the middle of the second floor.

Use bricks to make the chimneys. Besides, you can also apply design the colonial home with steep roofs, elevated brick foundations and wide porches. Design it beautifully.

Use some accessories like brass door knockers, cut-glass doorknobs and gilt indoor mirrors to make your home more amazing. The use of shutters on the front windows also evolved out of the colonial style. It will be perfect. Don’t forget to use choose the best materials for your amazing colonial home. It is usually adobe and stone to help keep homes cool.

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