18 Cool Small Living Room Ideas

Please everyone who visits you in a cozy room. Make them enjoy being there by presenting cool small living room ideas. Presenting something which can make bring the spacious impression is necessary for your small living room. You can do it by choosing the best color, arranging the furniture you use in right order, or grabbing the ideas of decoration you are applying there. By doing those, surely you will get a living room as you want.

How to design it? You can start designing it by applying the first of the cool small living room ideas. That’s by choosing the right color for your small living room. Cream is the right color for yours. It will bring the large impression to the room. Besides, it is also not too boring. To make it more interesting, you can combine it with brown. Just take a side of the room and paint it with brown.

Apply white color as the color of your ceiling. Avoid using a chandelier or a pendant lamp. But, try to install some ceiling lamps there. The chandeliers or the pendant lamps can make the room full while the ceiling lamps will give simple sense so that it is very good for the small room.

Then, the next idea is installing white tile flooring. Make it more comfortable by spreading a rug. A brown rug with dark brown edges can be your choice. It can also make the furniture you lay on look elegant and cool. Just use dark brown seats. Arrange them in L shape and attach them on the wall. This gives a large space for walking. Complete the seats with a table. A wooden table with opening shelves under it is a great for you.

You can use the shelves as storage. Put your newspapers in it. Add a short wooden table beside the seat and a cream table lampoon it. Last, apply the last of the cool small living room ideas through plants. Use a big pot plant for achieving your aim. Put it in the corner and your small living room will be more natural.

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