18 Cool Ultra-Modern Bathrooms

Designing a bathroom is a must for us. As one of private rooms which we always visit, it should be more than cozy. The comfort of bathroom is not enough to make you feel happy and nice being inside. You have to make it to be the coolest place for bathing you have ever known.

Do you like updated things in your life? If so, modern style is what you can apply into your bathroom. Simple but cool is what you should hold when you are creating modern feel in a bathroom. You have many options you can choose for your bathroom. The highlight of Michele Marcon can be your inspiration.

In creating the modern impression, you can simply start from the design of the room. Build it simple without any unnecessary details. Take the white as the dominant color. This color will add the coolness of the bathroom.

When you have painted the wall and the ceiling white, it is your time to install the white tiles. Get the most wonderful one. Use white furniture like white cabinets, sinks, bathtub, and also other white things you need there. Hang a big mirror. Combine it with white cabinets which are floated under the mirror.

Combining white cabinets and mirrors can be also a great way. Use the cabinets as the storage. Put white sinks on the cabinets. Complete it with a silver faucet. Make the bathroom looks fantastic by placing a white bathtub, but make it to be different from others.

Let the floor where you put the white bathtub without finished tile flooring. You just need to pour gravels and present wooden accessories around there. If you want to lose the monotonous feel of the white color, you can do that through brown wooden cabinets to replace the white cabinets you install before.

Greenery is a way to finish everything in your bathroom. It brings a natural feel to the bathroom. Put some green potted plants around and your bathroom will be nice and cool to do activities.

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