18 Wonderful Feng Shui House

Make your house more than just a place to live, but make it as the source of your luck. Build it with a good plan. Design it carefully. Choose the best ideas for making it as your dream. Many people believe that they can get their luck through Feng Shui including in building a house. Maybe you are one of them. Yet, it would be okay. The Feng Shui has some choices whether it is the color in Feng Shui, the face of the house, even the arrangement or position of the rooms. Just try to build a Feng Shui house for your life.

First, you can start by deciding where your Feng Shui house will face. It is important to maximize the luck you will get. If you like to build your house faces to the east, you will get healthy luck. When you are building your house face to the south, the luck of popularity will come to you. You can get the luck of family and children by facing the house to the west. If you like to get luck of bossiness and career, it is better to face your house to north.

Once you have decided the direction or face of your house, you can continue by choosing the dominant color of each room in your house. You can start form the front room in your house. You can apply yellow as the dominant color there. Then, you can continue to bring natural sense to the dining room in your house.

Let the green dominate the color of your dining room. Burn your spirit up through the red color which is applied on the kitchen. Continue your way to bring the feel of nature on the bathroom. Get a fresh look by applying green there. It is also necessary to present the element of earth on the master bedroom.

The cream and the brown will make the room calm. The cream will be able to make you relax sleeping there. Don’t forget to use the element of metal on one of the rooms there. Apply it on the room of your son. It brings a cool impression to the room. Those some you can do for building a house. Get your luck in your life through a wonderful Feng Shui house.

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