19 Amazing Room Colors

Are you looking for the great ideas to make your room interesting? You can do that by choosing amazing room colors. Color has an important role in beautifying and making a comfortable place. It can determine the mood of the room which of course influences your mood.

As a place where you start and finish your day, a room should give a good mood to you. And you can do that through the colors. The color selection is not only for the elements which form the room, but also the selection of the furniture and things you use there.

Start the amazing room colors by applying the neutral colors. You can use light grey. Apply it on the ceiling and on the walls. Yet, let two sides of the wall colored by fresh green. Use the side where the fresh green applied as the behind of the bed. Combine the fresh green wall with a yellow headboard.

Get a fresh feel by choosing the bright and fresh yellow. The yellow headboard can be really interesting with a grey bed. Complete it with a yellow blanket and green pillows. Cream pillows also can be used there. Look! The color combination on your bed is wonderful, isn’t it? Continue your way by choosing a cream dresser with green doors and hardware. Place it besides the bed.

Do you have to do your homework in your room? You can do that on a cream study desk and a chair. You can use one of yellow or green chairs. Get enough lighting while you are studying. Just place a study lamp on the desk. It is an alternative to get brighter lighting. The amazing room colors also can be shown through the yellow rug. The floor which contrasted by grey tiles are really cool with the yellow rug.

Are you a painter? Move your canvas to decorate the blank white wall. Paint a big green leave on the white wall. It will make the room colors more amazing. Enjoy your rest there!

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