19 Fantastic Feng Shui Bedroom

Make you sleep comfortably in an awesome Feng Shui bedroom. Design it beautifully. You can grab the best ideas for that. They will guide you what you have to do in the office. Your bedroom will give you more than just a place for sleeping.

The nuance of Feng Shui can be felt there. The color selection for that creates a great look in the bedroom. You will like to stay and spend your time there. The color in a bedroom has an important role. It can determine the mood of the room.

As the result, it will influence the mood of everyone who is there. The nuance of Feng Shui can be shown through colors. There are many Feng Shui colors which you can apply to the bedroom. Create something harmony with them. Start by presenting simple impression. Do that by painting the wall with brown. Choose light brown to make the room not too dark.

Do the same thing to the floor. It brings the nuance of nature as it is the color the land. Combine it with the white ceiling. It symbolizes purity, cleanliness, kindness, and faith. Besides, the white can make the bedroom look more spacious. You also need to turn on energy, optimism, resilience, and inspiration by using orange there. Just apply it on the blanket and some pillows.

The combination between brown bed and orange blankets and pillows is a good combination. Do you want to represent happiness, wisdom, and fun in to the Feng Shui bedroom? Use yellow pendant lamps on the both sides of the bed and the flowers in a vase. You can place the flowers vase on the dressers. Add a photo frame on each dresser. It is interesting, right?

Use green as one of color in your awesome Feng Shui bedroom. It promotes harmony, nature, balance and acceptance. Get it from a potted plant in the corner of the room.

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