19 Stunning Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Is your bathroom small? Don’t worry about it. Your small bathroom can be comfortable and amazing with creative and great design ideas. Make it looks more spacious than its real. Present something cool that makes your small bathroom not messy but cozy. Use everything that make your small bathroom not worse than the big one. There are some keys you can apply into your small bathroom.

One you can do is by choosing the right appliance. This helps you much to keep the room large. A shower cabin is the first appliance you can choose. It is very suitable for the small bathroom as it will not take a lot of space. Besides, it looks amazing. Use glass to build the cabin. The transparent of it gives spacious impression.

Be smart to install clever storage. It is one of keys to success in making the small bathroom cozy. There are many kinds of storage you can take as the storage in your bathroom. And one of the best storage is vanity with drawers of some comfy open shelves.

Store all the stuff in your bathroom in the drawers. Arrange them in order so it looks tidy and makes the bathroom comfortable. Complete the vanity with sink. The sink can be chosen in the white color. If you like to bring warmth to the bathroom, the wood color of the sink is a good choice for you. Hang a mirror with white frames on the wall over the sink.

Get the round mirror. It looks simple. Add green accessories around it makes the bathroom seems natural and fresh. Think also about the color of the bathroom. White is better than other color for small bathroom. Set the white as the dominant color in the bathroom. Begin painting the wall and the ceiling white. Perfect it with white flooring.

Another thing you can use is a radiator. It is very suitable for hanging your towels. So, don’t make the towels on the sink or other places in bathroom, but hang it on the radiator.

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