19 Wonderful Spanish Style Homes

Live in a wonderful place. Make the homes you live to be the most comfortable and amazing place to live. Grab the best design for it. There are many options of homes styles which you can use as the model of your home. And the Spanish style homes can be applied to your residence. Apply the Spanish styles on your home, decorate it with stunning décor, and you will get a great place for your life.

Begin designing the wonderful Spanish style homes from the curves and arches. Here, curved steps lead to a graceful archway to the front door. Then, you can continue by choosing the best materials for your house. It is usually apply white stucco exterior and walls. Fresh white paint covers roughly textured stucco — a hand-applied mix of cement, water and sand or lime.

The result is an aged-looking old world surface. When you have finished with that way, continue your way of designing your house by installing painted tiles. Here, a beautifully curved staircase reveals another classic feature: hand painted tiles on the stair risers. One that you need to remember is roof. Terracotta roof tiles are the most common in Spanish house.

The red clay roof tops give the homes a warm, earthy, rustic look. Often the roof lines are multi-level to create interest and asymmetry. This home features a turret. Don’t forget to build a tower –like chimney. This functional chimney is given special treatment with moldings and little windows. Then, the balconies in your home should be designed beautifully.

So you could step out from your room above to enjoy the fresh air and views. When you have built the house, you can continue the way to make the great courtyards and patios. The mild climate of the Mediterranean encouraged outdoor living, so the Spanish created lots of spaces to enjoy outside.

The patios often had fireplaces which allowed you to linger outside late into the night. Complete it with a pool. You can swim there whenever you want. Work with your own minds to perfect the Spanish style homes. Decorate it beautifully and you will be happy being there.

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