20 Amusing DIY Bedroom Décor Ideas

Are you going to decorate your bedroom? Is it boring and you need a new look of your bedroom? It is simple. You can do by yourself. Spend your weekend for creating amusing DIY bedroom décor. Apply them in your bedroom. They will not only make your bedroom amazing, but more than it. Your bedroom will be really yours. You can enjoy resting and also spending your time by staying there. Inviting your friends to study together is one which you can do sometimes.

What can you create for amusing DIY bedroom décor? First, you can start from the books shelves. The book shelves in your bedroom can be formed from the used wooden furniture in your warehouse. Take the woods, sand them, and you can repaint them with the colors as you want. When you want to install book shelves, it is better to decide how you will shape it.

Opening floating shelves from the wall over the headboard to the other side of the wall are a good choice for you. Fill the shelves with some handmade. Arrange them in order and its part can be the point of your bedroom. Do you have photos? Use them as one of the décor.

Make paper photo frames and you can insert the photos there. When it project has finished, you can arrange them on the wall into a unique shape like a heart, a circle, an oval, or other shapes you like. It is also possible to hang those photos on a hanger. To make the hangers, you just need a rope or ribbon.

Stretch the rope or the ribbon from one side to another. If you use a rope, use the gold paper to cover the rope. It will make the rope looks more luxurious. Hang the photos one by one and combine them with an awesome lighting.

Finally, you can illuminate the amusing DIY bedroom décor you have made through some lamps which hang on a wood which is let on the original shape of it. Those décors will be able to create an interesting look in your bedroom.

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