20 Cool Office Design Ideas

Are working in a home? If so, it doesn’t mean that you can mix the both matters of your work and your home. You have to separate between them. Present an office in your house. It will help you much. Use cool office design ideas to achieve your aim. Apply them to your office. You will enjoy working there.

Let’s start the cool office design ideas by installing wooden flooring. It brings warmth to the office. The look of wooden flooring also has many varieties so that you have many options for that. Present a molding as one of the design ideas for your office. Paint it with white.

Continue by painting the wall with green. Shabby green can be your choice. It will look very nice with the wooden floor and the white molding. Lose the stress during working by presenting wall décor. White dots with the different styles can be yours. They will beautify and make the wall more inviting.

When you see that, your eyes will feel fresh. Then, the next idea is painting the ceiling with white. The white ceiling gives the impression of modern. Add some art ceiling on it. It will make your ceiling more interesting. Fill the office with comfortable and cool furniture. Don’t let you don’t enjoy working there. Choose L shaped table. Float it on the wall.

Try to build some windows in the office. Let the fresh air fill the room. The sunlight also shines the room in the morning. It will burn your spirit more. Cover them with a rattan or bamboo curtain. Complete it with a soft chair. Use the most comfortable one.

You can sit comfortably there while finishing your job. Freshen up the table with a flower vase. Choose yellow flowers and white vase. Those are a good combination. If you often receive guests, it is better for you to place green sofa and a glass table there. Spread a white rug to make your feet enjoy stepping on the floor.

The last of the cool office design ideas is applied on the lighting. Through a white pendant lamp you can light the office and also make it cooler. Just enjoy working there! Give the best for your business.

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