20 Cool White Kitchen Designs

Are you planning for getting a wonderful place for cooking? It is not too hard. You can present a cool white kitchen for your cooking activity. Although you will need an extra care, it will be very wonderful. The white which dominates the kitchen can bring a modern sense. Besides, it will look elegant and cool, too. Insert a bit of orange among the white can make the kitchen fresher. But, how will you work with them?

To create a perfect white kitchen, you need to apply the white as the main color in the kitchen. You can begin by painting the ceiling with white. Let the white ceiling blank and white. Continue your way by coloring the wall with the same color as the ceiling.

When the wall and the ceiling are colored with white, make the floor cool with grey. Choose grey tiles and install them there. Keep consistence to create a white kitchen by using white kitchen cabinets.

You may install both the upper and lower kitchen cabinets. Combine the lower kitchen cabinets with grey countertops. It is done to lose the monotonous sense of the white color. Then, don’t forget to install lighting on the bottom of the upper kitchen cabinets. Put it near the stove. It can illuminate your cook when you have to prepare meals for dinner.

Bring something fresh to the kitchen. Orange backsplash is the way. Choose the most shinny one. You can see that the orange will be really interesting among the white. It is also so fresh. Having dinner in the kitchen can be a choice for your family. You can ask them to do on the kitchen island.

Choose an orange island with white edges and grey top. Place it in the middle of the kitchen and you can complete it with some white and orange stools. It will be nice. Keep the white kitchen bright. Use white lighting from simple lamps. They can make the kitchen cool.

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