20 Wonderful Blue and Gray Bedrooms

Most of us will say that blue is one of relaxing colors. It brings coolness to the room where it is applied. So, consider to use it as the color of the most private room of yours. Your bedroom with blue will surely make you feel comfortable and want to stay long time there.

Yet, you should also think about its combination. It is really important. Some that can be used for the combination is the vintage nuance. Besides, you may also get the best color for it. Grey is the answer. Combine the blue with the greay and a bit about vintage fell. Be sure. They will create wonderful result for your room.

When you want to apply the blue to the bedroom, it will be very effective by applying it on the wall. So, start painting the wall blue. Just paint the entire wall in blue. Make you relaxed being in the room by combining it with light grey. Just paint the base moldings and the ceiling light grey. Bring the warmth of the bedroom on the floor. Wooden flooring will help you much in this.

Begin to choose the best furniture for you. A shabby blue bed with some light grey pillows make it looks cool. Use the ones with patterns. An antique table with vintage accessories on it and a cool table lamp is very suitable for you.

The brown curtains that cover the glass windows also add the beauty of the room. Do you want to get more feel there? A traditional shabby blue cupboard in the corner helps you in keeping your stuff. Take a space of your bedroom and use it to place a set of white seat. Make it more beautiful with white flower in a white vase. The blue patterned cushions add the coolness of the seat.

Illuminate the room with a charming chandelier. Get the blue glass chandelier in the middle of the room and keep it dim to make the romantic room.

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