20 Wonderful Gothic Bathroom Designs

Gothic is a very great feel you can present in your bathroom. It is not very familiar indeed for your bathroom. But it can be a wonderful place to spend your time after the busy day. Get a sensation of bathing there. That would be really unusual. The gothic feel can be presented through the black color. You may also combine the black with purple and red.

The dark purple and red touches can give a calmer impression to the bathroom. They will decrease the darkness of the bathroom which is caused by the black color. Take two sides of the bathroom walls and apply the black there. Other sides of the bathroom walls can be used to apply the dark purple. The dark purple absorbs the black so it is not too dark. It looks a bit charming, too.

Creating a gothic bathroom with a bit gloomy or spooky is what you should present in the bathroom. You can apply it through the furniture and appliance you use. You can start it by using gloomy gold bathtub. Yet, you may also use a stone bathtub. It is very suitable for your gothic bathroom. Complete it with a gold faucet.

Your towel can be also hung in the gloomy gold hanger. On the other side, a mirror with gloomy gold frames is good for your bathroom. Install dim lighting around the mirror. That lighting can be got from the unique wall lamps. Get two or three wall lamps.

Another thing you can put in the bathroom is a sink. The black sink with gloomy impression can be installed under the mirror. In the corner of the bathroom can be looks dramatic with some dim lighting. Get the lamps with spooky feel. When you build a gothic bathroom, the black wall should be supported by black marble flooring and black ceiling.

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