21 Awesome Small Garden Ideas

Use the space behind your house effectively. Small doesn’t the matter for you. You can create something wonderful there. Make it as a great garden to spend your break time. Design it as beautiful as possible. Grab the awesome small garden ideas to work with that project. Apply them one by one to the garden.

Make sure that the ideas will make your garden be one of favorite places in your home.
Take the corner space of the garden for building a pond. A small pond but charming is a good choice for you. Use bricks or stones for building it. Shape it a round and complete it with some fountains.

You can apply a high fountain in the middle of the two short fountains. They are placed on the right corner of the garden. Freshen up by planting some green plants. Grow them around the pond. Get a cheerful and awesome look by adding some colorful flower among the green plants.

Hanging potted plants are also possible to be put there. Let the small space around the pond fulfilled by the green plants, colorful flowers, and the space among them filled with sand or gravels. Build paths to get to the pond from your house. Then, you can take the space on the other sides to have a plant rack. Do your hobby of gardening there.

Get some pots and use them to grow some vegetable like chili, cabbage, tomato, or other plants which easy to keep and grow. When they are growing bigger and give you result, you can use them to fulfill your need in the kitchen. The next idea of awesome small garden ideas is growing the green grass on the rest of the space.

Keep the grass healthy, thick, and green. It will make the garden look fresh and very natural. Last, provide a bench or patio furniture in the back porch of your house. Enjoy the result of the awesome small garden ideas you have applied there.

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