21 Cool Bathrooms with Library

Do you like doing another activity white you are bathing? If so, what do you usually do? Many people like listening to music while they are bathing. But, it is not a little of them like to read something.

A bathroom that functions as one of private rooms in your house is indeed a good place to do what you like to do after the busy day. It is not only used for cleaning your body, losing your sweat, and getting your fresh body back, but it is also comfortable enough to relax and forget anything in the office. Those can be done by designing your bathroom to be a wonderful library. This is not a hard way. Find the best ways to achieve your aim.

The first thing you can consider the design of the bathroom. It will not so different from the other bathrooms. There will be a white bathtub that is placed there. Besides, you will also have a shower cabin. As suggestion, it is better for you to build it in the corner of the room. Just use glass to build it.

Next to the shower cabin, you can install washbasins. They can be put on the storage box. Complete it with a faucet. You can use the wall over the washbasin for hanging mirrors. They look like a usual bathroom, right? Now, you will go on designing the library in the bathroom.

Take a side of the bathroom wall. Install large bookshelves there just like you do in the living room or in the family room. Floor to the ceiling shelves are really great, moreover when you install lighting there, right behind the books you store in the shelves.

Arrange your collection book there. It will be really like a cool living room with a big book stand. Complete it with a fluffy armchair. Sit there, read books while you are relaxing and losing the tiring of the busy day. Enjoy your time of relaxing in your bathroom while reading books you take from the great bookshelves.

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