21 Cool Colonial Home Designs

You have many options of home styles which you can apply to your residence. Grab the best one as you like. If you like something about United States and cool home look, a colonial home can be your choice. It is one of the most popular styles of home in the United States.

The style of a colonial home evolved from European influences, which started in the 1600s. You can apply the styles of a colonial home in your own home. Plan everything you need well. How should you finish with the project? It is maybe a question for you.

Start your way by knowing that a colonial home is usually symmetrical, or square, and feature an entry door that can be found in the middle of the front of the home.

Then, the roof of a colonial home is a medium pitched roof to provide drainage in rainy weather and a stairway that is directly behind the entry door and leads to a hallway that bisects the middle of the second floor. Yet, it is also possible for you to adopt the French. It can have steep roofs, elevated brick foundations and also you can build wide porches. Continue by building two windows on either side of the entry door, with five windows on the second floor, with one directly above the entry door.

One of colonial home features is by building paired chimneys. It is very suitable for you. Add some accessories for your home to make it more interesting. These accessories include such items as brass door knockers, cut-glass doorknobs and gilt indoor mirrors. The use of shutters on the front windows also evolved out of the Colonial style.

One important thing which you can consider when you build a cool colonial home is the materials. Stone and adobe are what you can use to build your house. They help keep homes cool. You will get a cool home and enjoy your life there.

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