21 Cool Painting Brick Fireplace Decor Ideas

Do you build a fireplace in your living room? Do you use brick as the main materials in building the fireplace? Do you want to make it as the main point in the room? It is simple. By painting brick fireplace there, your problem will be solved. The interesting fireplace will be in your living room. It will be able to add the beauty of the room.

Plan what theme you are going to apply in the room before buying the paint. Choose the best colors for it. Grab the cheerful ideas to help you working with your project. It will make your living room fun.

We will work with the rustic, unique, and interesting fireplace. Start your way by getting the rustic nuance. Letting the brick unfinished is a good way for it. The red brick will bring a rustic look.

Clean the splash of the cement which covers the brick when you are building it. It strengthens the strong character of brick fireplace. Use a wire scrub brush to get any dirt or dust and wash thoroughly with a heavy-duty cleaner. Rinse and let dry.

Yet, that doesn’t mean that you can’t paint it. You can paint it with red or orange like the color of bricks. Present something different in your fireplace. Use the sill of the fireplace to do that. The sill can be made form a wood. Then, paint it with white. Lose the monotonous of the white sill with a green urn and black urn or a flower vase on each of the end side of sill.

Add a colourful painting between the urns. Put it in the middle of the sill. Create the painting yourself. When you are going to start painting brick fireplace, you should prime the bricks. Now, start your project of painting brick fireplace. Choose indoor latex paint, flat, semi-gloss, or gloss, that is rated to withstand temperatures generated by the fireplace and a roller specifically for textured surfaces.

The latter will help in covering the surface of the brick, which is likely not entirely smooth. For any spots that you can’t reach using a roller, touch up it with a small paintbrush. Apply a second and third coat as needed. Painting brick fireplace is not hard. Do it yourself and be on the top of satisfaction.

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