22 Amazing French Country Kitchen Designs

Get a nice moment while cooking by presenting an amazing French country kitchen. The moment of cooking will be one of your favorite activities that you never want to miss it.

The French county design is all about rustic charm and old-world elegance. It’s a comfortable and earthy style. It also can either be regal and elegant or cozy and comforting. To make it more interesting you need to decorate it.

French country style is versatile enough to suit your decor. Even though the look can vary somewhat, there are a few common themes that make French country decor a standout in interior design.

Firstly, you can design the amazing French country kitchen from the materials which form the room. Get the nuance of French country by using natural materials like various stone textures, wood, straw and rattans. You can apply one of them to the wall.

Then, continue your way by the right ceilings. Ceilings may feature wood beams. Let them on the original color of the wood will give a more country feel. Yet, if you like to paint it, it is also possible.

Yet, choose the color of lavender fields, green hills, outdoor stone, rustic buildings and the sun. Then, the best floor in French country design is natural in appearance and can be brick, wood or native stone.

Many floors are covered with wool or cotton rugs for softness underfoot. Contrasts in color and texture are important, for example, rough textured, beige walls may be balanced with bright colors and soft pillows. When they have been installed, you can choose the best furniture for that kitchen.

Choose wooden cabinets with carved details. Combine them with yellow backsplash and cream countertop. They will make the kitchen warm. In the middle of the kitchen, it is better for you to place a kitchen island with chairs seats which covered in a fiber rush or straw rattan.

Beautify the amazing French country kitchen with accessories such as iron chandeliers, old leather books, bunches of dried lavender, copper pots, hanging baskets and antique area rugs all add to the French country look. Choose the most charming one and enjoy your cooking there.

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