22 Amazing Tuscan Style Homes

Are you looking for a home style for your residence? A Tuscan home style can be your choice. It gives you more than just a comfort for your life but also brings a wonderful look. Grab the ideas and designs of amazing Tuscan style homes, apply them one by one and get a great result.

Know that Tuscan design epitomizes the romance and aesthetic of the Italian region of Tuscany. Whether dreaming of a rustic farm house or envisioning a grand villa, a Tuscan style house may be a dream come true for any lover of Italy. It is very suitable for you who like about Italy. Yet, it doesn’t mean that you who don’t like can’t apply it in their house.

There are several factors that help contribute to a Tuscan style house, including architecture, building materials, interior design, and landscaping.

Let’s start your project of getting an amazing Tuscan style homes from the architecture. The architecture of a Tuscan style house may make it stand out immediately. As it is often covered with white, grey, or tan stucco, Tuscan dwellings are also characterized by gently sloping roofs made up of terracotta tiles. Choose the best of it. Make sure that the terracotta tiles with a good quality. So, it will be more durable.

Don’t forget to build windows. Windows in Tuscan-style houses are typically elongated arches. Do that in your house. Then, continue your way by choosing the best material in building the house. It tends to capitalize on the materials available in Tuscany. Natural stone and detailed wood are common elements used in both architecture and furnishing. You can apply them together. It will be really good.

Then, tile is also be your choice. Tile is plentiful, frequently making up the bulk of floors, roofs, and some built-in elements such as bathtubs. Marble, travertine, and terracotta are popular choices for tile elements. Once the amazing Tuscan style homes are built, fill them rustic or traditional furniture. Make it more interesting with some accessories. Spend your life time there.

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