22 Outstanding Shabby Chic Kitchen Ideas

Feel the wonderful experience of cooking in an outstanding shabby chic kitchen. Grab the great ideas for designing it. Apply the ideas one of one. And work with your own creative mind to perfect it. It will be one of favorite places in your house.

You will be happy preparing foods for your family started from cooking to serving it. Asking your family to have meals there sometimes will lose the monotonous feel of eating in a dining room.

Make an outstanding shabby chic kitchen by choosing the right shabby colors. Do it as the starter of your way in designing your kitchen. Paint the wall of your kitchen with shabby pink. Apply the same color on the ceiling. Present something charming there by combining the shabby pink with shabby green. Apply it on the molding and the center of the ceiling. It will be very awesome.

Hang a luxurious glass chandelier to get a luxury feel. Bring warmth to the shabby chic kitchen by installing wooden floors. Choose the bright cool one. Fill the kitchen with some chic kitchen tools and appliance. Start by installing two tone kitchen cabinets. Paint the upper cabinets with shabby pink. Then, color the lower cabinets with shabby green.

The combination of shabby green and shabby pink makes the kitchen chic. Keep the cleanness of the kitchen by installing black tile backsplash. You will be easy to clean it. The black tiles also look strong. Continue by using silver and stainless steel kitchen tool and appliances. Place them in the right place. Storing them in the kitchen cabinets to is a good way to make the kitchen always tidy.

Space in the middle of the kitchen can be used to place a kitchen island. A wooden kitchen island is a good choice. Let it on the original color of the woods. Surround it with some stools. Do you want to make the kitchen fresher? Put green pot plans there. It is a very outstanding shabby chic kitchen.

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