23 Cool Minimalist DIY Kitchen Island Designs

Present something different and creative in your kitchen as always. Make you feel happy and enjoy being there by creating things you need yourself. To do that you can ask your husband. It will be a great moment to grow your love.

Besides, you will surely get a thing you need with full of satisfaction as it is one of your creations. Just begin to create a kitchen island. It is really useful for you. You can use it not only as storage, but also a place for preparing everything before cooking even it is also possible to use the DIY kitchen island to have meals with your lovely family.

To make a DIY kitchen island you can begin by getting the best materials for it. One of simple materials which you can use to make a kitchen island is wood. Not only simple but wood is also easy to be shaped and made.

You also will be able to get the woods easily. When you have been with the materials you need, you can start working. Make the island with some cabinets and drawers. Complete it with a cool top. The top can be formed using woods. Remember that you can let a bit of the space under the top to have an opening rack. Let it open. Use it as storage.

You can place ingredients of cooking there with clean and tidy storage. This is to make your kitchen always look tidy. When you have finished making it, you can continue your way by painting it. White and wooden brown can be a cool combination. You can apply the white on the kitchen island and the wooden brown on its top. Perfect it with black or brown hardware. The look will be more amazing.

If you like to move it form one place to another, wheels are what you need. Just install the wheels on the legs of the bottom of the kitchen island. Now, you can move it easily whenever you want. Enjoy your cooking activity in the cool kitchen with a DIY kitchen island.

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