23 Wonderful Luxury Bathroom Furniture Designs

Are you tired of the busy day? Do you get stressed of the problems in the office? Get your spirit back and refresh your body to continue your role in the next day in a luxurious bathroom. Design it as wonderful as possible. Think everything you need in the bathroom. Consider the quality of each item there.

The wonderful design is not enough. It will have no value without the existence of furniture there. That will be empty. But, it doesn’t mean that you can choose any furniture. This will not contribute to the greatness of the bathroom. Luxury bathroom furniture is a good choice. This will give you more than what you need. As a place where you need some furniture, it helps you much. Pom d’Or can be your reference.

Pom d’Or has many kinds of furniture for your bathroom. Those products are furniture that gives a luxurious impression to the bathroom. This will be suitable to everyone’s home include your house.

You must know that the furniture from Pom d’Or is able to create sensual experience in the contemporary spaces as it is designed in the use of traditional materials like Ebony woods and Gold pans. It can be really more amazing in combining with lacquered finishes. Have a look! Yellow will work very great with black.

By keeping the bathroom wall and flooring black. Then, you can choose the best furniture. Get the yellow or gold furniture that use ebony. Bathroom cabinets which are constructed by black and gold ebony look really cool. The cool shiny of the black cabinets makes the yellow luxurious.

The use of washbasin that is made of black marble makes the bathroom cabinets cooler. With a silver faucet there and some gold accessories around add the beauty of the bathroom. Complete it with a mirror that is franked by gold frames. Greenery is always a great finishing in any rooms in your house. A glass vase with some stalks of flower presents natural and charming look.

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