24 Cool Brass Bathroom Light Fixtures

Brass bathroom light fixtures maybe can give you the impression of the imitation gold that we have this day. Usually the bathroom light need some fixtures actually that the handle of the light made from the metal. Usually it can make we feel stressed because when the handle get rusty, it can make we want to waste it and then but the new one. It’s kind a exhausted because we will pick the right one handle and then we will spend your money. Brass is the unique choices that you can choose than you paint the handle. Usually when you want to painting, you must repeat again in one or two year. It’s depend the strong of the paint that we have. Here, I will give you some recommendation design

In the first light fixtures, we have the creative decoration on it. We can make the bulb have the yellow or the golden color that refracted inside the bulb that we have. We can make it into six series and don’t forget to make the hubcap with the brass color. For the brass bathroom light fixtures, we can make the handle of the hubcap with bras and have the long of oval shaped. Then we can make the handle like a three layer for it.

In the two light fixtures, we can make with the round bulb that maybe have the yellow color. We can make the cover for the bulb like the lantern. The lantern can we take an example from the sultan palace or the lamp in the kingdom train that can have the magic character. Like the king train, it will have the brass and the glass that can make it look good and make it look safe. But, we can make the brass bathroom light fixtures will hang on the ceiling. We can make the chain on it. Dont forget to make the round shaped for stick it.

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