24 Cool Modern Exterior House Colors

Are you building a house? Do you want to make it as the one with a wonderful look and modern impression? Through colors, you are able to achieve that aim. Just start from the exterior house. That’s the first thing what everyone sees of your house.

So, grab the cool modern exterior house colors and apply them on your house. They will give a wonderful look to your house. Decide the theme you are going to apply to your house before choosing the colors. So, the aim and the theme you want can be achieved.

Begin the cool modern exterior house colors by applying white as the base color in your house. When it has finished, continue your way by applying green on the house.

Play with the variety of green color. You can paint the wall of the house with dark green. Make it more interesting with a bit white. Apply the white on the window and also door frames. The white floors you are installing also add the coolness of the exterior of your house. The roof can be painted with dark green. Try to get the darker than the wall. It will make your house looks strong and cool.

If you have some rooms in the second floor, you may take the same color as you are apply on the wall and the door and window frames on first floor. Yet, you’d better to apply white as the dominate color. It will dominate than the green. Present something different in your house. The short wall which covers your porch can be colored by dark red or maroon.

The brick wall that is let unfinished add the artistic value on the house. A bit white among the red paint is a good way to make it more interesting. Do you want to make your house more natural? If you do, green plants are a good choice. Plant them in the backyard and they will add the greatness of cool modern exterior house colors.

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