25 Cool Artistic Deco Bathrooms

Do you like designing your bathroom to be the most artistic one? It is simple. You can apply art deco into your bathroom. This helps you much in achieving your aim. What is art deco? For you who don’t know what art deco is, you can get here. It is an eclectic artistic and design style that began in Paris in the 1920s. This will be really suitable for you, especially for you who like something wonderful. It shows elegance, glamour, modernity and even functionality. There are many hotels and residences which apply this design and idea as the reason.

Designing a bathroom with artistic deco is not really easy. The hard thing when you build is the furniture which will fill the bathroom. It is a bit hard to find good furniture which has the deco feel. But, through the bathroom, you will be able to do that easily. There are many manufactures that provide products with a combination of the aesthetic of minimalist and luxury of art deco. When you build it, you can firstly design the room before working with the farther ways.

The bathroom which is built in a big size will give a spacious space for doing the activities freely. Choose calm colors to be applied there. The shabby light brown wall from tiles or marble are really amazing in combining with the dark brown window frames.

The ceiling with Paris style in 1920s looks modern in white. Install shiny cream marble flooring. Insert a bit dark brown there for interesting look. Use a glass shower cabin. Install it in the corner of the room. Make it looks charming and fresh by placing yellow flowers in pots.

A long concrete marble bathtub is really amazing with the dark brown top or edges. Don’t forget to place a flower vase around there. Check your appearance in front of a great mirror with the washbasin and cabinets under it. Bring the dramatic impression by hanging the mirror with unique wall lamps.

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