25 Fantastic Mounted Bathroom Designs

Creating a cool bathroom is a must for you. You don’t only need a cozy place for bathing but you also need an inviting place that can make you relaxed and lose the tired you feel because the busy day. Everyone will want this.

If you have a small bathroom, don’t worry, this is very suitable for it instead. What should you work with? A mounted bathroom is what you can choose to make the bathroom cool. By applying this, you will get some advantages, especially the small bathroom. As you will work with mounted furniture and appliances in the bathroom, it gives you more space that make you free to move from one place to the others.

The bathroom cabinets can be the first thing that fills your bathroom. The cabinets are floated on the wall. You can get a mounted cabinet with a box-like. Install it together with the white sink. On the both sides of it, a slim long cabinet can be presented on each. Over the sink, you need a mirror. Do something more by having a cabinet there.

Cabinets that have doors with mirrors can be your choice. Use the mirror to support your activity there. Adding opened shelves next to the mirror is available. Fill it with bathroom accessories that are able to make your bathroom inviting and cool so you are happy and comfortable to be there.

On the other side of the bathroom, you can place a bathtub that is mounted to the wall. Complete it with a shower. Next to it, a toilet can be your choice. Let the middle of the bathroom empty. It makes your bathroom looks more spacious, right? You are free to get a spot to other spots. Spread a rug to beautify it. Some green potted plants are also possible there.

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