26 Appealing Living Room Décor Ideas

Bored with your living room? You want to have different things from your living room? Well, it’s time for you to take living room décor. Your living room which is just so-so can be created to be more interesting and comfortable place to stay. And of course it will be different from your living room before.

There are many ways to beautify your living room. First, let’s see the wall, ceiling and floor. Are they interesting? If they are not, you need to repaint the wall and ceiling. Keep on the white ceiling to make your living room more spacious. If it is possible, dark green flooring will be nice. Combine with light green and white wall.

Here, you will create a natural living room through the use of white and green as the dominant color. To avoid the monotonous view, you can apply leaves wallpaper on a side of the wall. Add white dresser and a black wall TV. Show the beauty of the green wallpaper by a great lighting.

The lighting may be presented from unique floor lamp from the both side. Next, when your sofa doesn’t give any contributions, you can do more to them. Change the sofa cover with the one. Try to combine white or light grey and green for your sofa. Make your guests and more cozy with fresh green cushion. Your feet should be spoiled by a soft dark green rug.

Your feet will not feel cold when the weather is cold. Use a glass table for modern sense. If your sofa is not enough for your guests, so you need more seats. Puffs can be an alternative for that. Take puffs which have same color with the sofa or another color that can be a great combination in your living room.

Your living room décor can be perfected with potting a plant in the corner of the room. It is really fresh. The use of glass door will make you easy to enjoy the beauty of your garden in the front yard. Last, don’t let your wall blank. Hang tree paintings or another eco-friendly accessory. So, your living room décor not only appealing, but it’s also fresh.

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