26 Breathtaking Outdoor Bedroom Oasis Designs

Are you waiting for summer? Do you want to enjoy all the days outside? It will be really a great time to for doing anything outdoors, including the sleeping activity. Imagine that you can lay down on your bed while enjoying the beautiful sky, looking as the shiny starts and feel the coolly wind. It is nice thing. You can do that in winter.

So, plant this before the summer is coming. Plant well where you will do the activity and design it to be the cozy place for spending your spare time during the summer. Make it charming so that you can stay there for long time.

You have many choices to achieve your aim. Take a part of your house to build a place for your summer. You can use the big front of back porch of your house. Another part you can use is the yard. It can be a nice way to build a tent and you sleep there.

You can start by designing your porch. If it is opened, you can hang a curtain. It will keep your privacy while you are there with your lovely one. Choose a thin fabric to make you able to feel the wind perfectly.

When you are working with the project, don’t forget to place a nightstand. It can be used for putting your glass of tea, jars of snacks, cup of coffee, or maybe you your favourite books you read while you are laying on the bed. Get dramatic feel in the outdoor by hanging lanterns. Some awesome lighting is also cool for your space. As you will sleep there, use the comfortable bed.

Choose the chic bed sheet and complete it with some pillows. If you don’t want use a bed, day bed is what you can use. Just add some cushions for it. Decorate it with some accessories. Bring some green potted plants around it to make it looks natural.

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