26 Brilliant Minimalist Bathroom Decor Ideas

Building minimalist things is a nice one, moreover when you want to present modern look to your house. You can do that through the bathroom of your house. Besides, by having a minimalist bathroom, it gives you an easy way to take it care. The look of everything in the bathroom is cool without messy impression.

Simple but cool is what you will get in your bathroom. There, you will be able to spend your time after the tiring day. By laying down your body in the white simple bathtub that has no unnecessary details or carvings. Where should you place it? When you are laying down your body in the bathtub, it will be more interesting by seeing the great natural look of your backyard.

So, install ceiling to flooring glass wall and doors. This gives you an expand view. Place the bathtub in face to the backyard. Enjoy the green yard through the glass. Imagine. Relaxing and enjoying the fresh view in the same time is a nice thing. Relax and forget problems in your office.

On the wall of the bathroom, you may apply mounted appliance and furniture. As you will need storage for your stuffs, cabinets are what you can need. Firstly, you may choose white bathroom cabinets. Over the bathroom cabinets, a board is necessary. Just mount a brown board. Then, you will need a bowl.

A white bowl sink is what you would better to choose. The white bowl sink can be completed with a round mirror. They are enough. You don’t need to put many appliances there. The toilet can be placed on the other spot of the bathroom. One you need do more is just placing wall lamps. Place two wall lamps next to the mirror. Take the small ones and get a cool minimalist bathroom.

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