26 Cool Painted Wood Paneling Designs

There are many things which you can do to build your house. You also have many options to make it more interesting. You can choose the best for your residence. Make sure that it will make you enjoy living there as you will live there for a long time in your life.

One you can do in building your house is by installing paneling. It is a good way to get an unusual look. You can make it has modern or rustic feel. That’s by painting it. The painted wood paneling will contribute to the beauty of your house. You just need to use the best color as the theme you want to apply there.

Decide the color you want to apply to the panel. The color selection of painted wood paneling is very important to determine the mood of the house. If you like something modern and elegant, you can play with grey and white. They will be a cool combination and bring modern impression to the room. Just apply the grey on the panel in your house. Let grey dominates the house. Just loosen the monotonous impression of grey panel by inserting a bit white there.

The white can be applied on the base molding and also the door frames and window frames. They will make your house look modern. To make the house more wonderful, you should combine the panel with other things in the house such as ceiling and floor. It is possible for you to get a more modern feel by painting the ceiling with white.

With some ceiling lamps there, the wood paneling will be more interesting. Bringing warmth to the modern house is also needed. You can do that by installing wooden flooring. Make it unusual with brown wooden floors and a bit black among them. Look! The floor makes the grey panels more alive.

If you like to make the painted wood paneling more interesting, you can decorate it. Some ways you can do like hanging a large painting, wall lamps, or other accessories you have. Work with your own imagination to make it perfect. Happy getting a wonderful house with painted wood paneling.

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