26 Interesting Gothic Bedroom Design Ideas

Presenting a cold atmosphere in your bedroom but cozy to live is a great thing. For you who like it, gothic is the best for you. This will make your bedroom as cold as you wish. The use of the furniture should be considered also. This the things that can support the gothic feel you apply.

Besides, the accessories are also needed to make the bedroom more interesting and inviting. To create a gothic bedroom, it doesn’t mean that you have to apply only black there. Red even blue is also possible to be used to get the gothic feel. If you like to get the luxurious one, you may also do that by using gold or other luxurious accessories.

Think firstly the condition of the bedroom. Keep it really gothic by getting the wall in black. Present some really shiny black pattern on the black wallpaper. Apply it on the entire wall of your room.

Present something cool through the ceiling. Paint it black and red. The red can absorb the coldness of the black so that it is not too dark and cold. Although you are applying gothic feel into your bedroom, it doesn’t mean that you don’t bring warmth there. The warmth of the bedroom is very important.

Wooden flooring is what you can do. Just install wooden floors as the place to step your feet on. Cover it with a thick black rug. This will be really unusual when you are spreading a dark purple carpet under the black rug. Try to arrange them to be wonderful layers. The brown wooden floor, the dark purple carpet, and the soft thick black rug shape a great layer.

A traditional black bed with some craving on the edges can bring gloomy impression. Choose black nightstands with bit gold there to get the luxurious impression. Make it perfect with a gold table lamp. Do something more to beautify it. DIY décor will give your more satisfaction.

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