28 Awesome Tropical Bathroom Décor

Décor is an alternative way to add the interest of a room in your house. It is also a simple way to refresh the look of the room. For that way, you don’t need to spend much money. The décor can be also achieved from the furniture and appliances you use in the bathroom.

If you are in environmentalist, it would be a right choice to apply a tropical idea into the bathroom. A tropical bathroom gives you a spa-light and a great interior you will surely love it so much.

To create an awesome tropical bathroom, there are some ways you can prepare before you start working with the project. Greenery is one you can consider. Get as many as green potted plants.

Take some of them and place in some spots you like. Even, it will be really fresher and more natural when you place potted plants everywhere. Think more creative by working with tiles, bamboos and stones. They will help you reaching the purpose of creating a tropical bathroom.

Install green mosaic tiles on the wall of the bathroom. Arrange them beautifully. Show off the beauty and the greatness of the wall using right lighting. If you like it looks modern, bright lighting is suitable for you, while who likes the dramatic feel, dim yellow lighting is the best for you.

The wooden floor can be installed to support the tropical feel in the room. Use a concrete bathtub with woods colour. Put it in an area which is filled by gravels. The sinks are really cool if they made of woods. Put some green plants in pots around the sinks.

Build an opened shower. Hang the shower over the gravels floor. Install bamboo fence around. Don’t forget to apply greenery to make the tropical bathroom really perfect. Sometimes, dim lighting from the ceiling lamps is very suitable to get the natural sense.

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