28 Cool IKEA Dresser Design Ideas

You feel confused what you can use to keep your documents in the bedroom? Or maybe your kitchen is too mess with kitchen tools? Or you need something to fill the space in your room? You can take IKEA dresser as the way. There are many styles of IKEA dresser you can choose according to your room. To keep your kitchen tools, a white IKEA kitchen dresser will be a good choice for your neutral kitchen.

By presenting a kitchen dresser in your kitchen, you are able to find what you need easily when cooking. While when you need a place to keep your documents, IKEA HEMNES dresser can be used. On the top of the dresser, you can place a mirror. There, you can check your look before working. To make it more interesting, you can add flower vase beside the mirror. You may also complete it with photo frames.

If you like make it as the point in your neutral room, it is better for you to take a dark wooden dresser. Another modified dresser of IKEA is dresser with mirror. By using this dresser, you don’t need to add by another mirror. You also can put your powder there. A black wooden dresser will be grateful with wooden flooring and light brown wall. If you have many document and you need to separate them in different place, you can use HOPEN 8 drawer dresser IKEA.

The dressers can be used to keep your stationary. So, you will be easy to find your pen when you need. It also suits to be placed in the corner of your office. Grab your ideas through your creation of arranging the room. Let the room be neat by presenting IKEA dresser. And make it cooler with some flower vases. Liven up the corner of the room through some fish inside aquarium. The water sounds naturally give you a great inspiration.

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