30 Cool Huge Custom Made Bathrooms

Having a huge bathroom is a nice thing. You can design it freely. You are also freer to present everything you need in the bathroom. If you like something cool, black and white can be your choice. Apply them on the furniture and the appliances you use. It can be started by painting the ceiling and also the wall white.

Present an inviting thing by installing interesting wallpaper. The nuance of bamboo wallpaper or baroque candlesticks brings a great look. It can be as interesting as your living room.

You will not feel that you are in a bathroom when you are lying down in the bathtub and see the greatness of the wallpaper on your bathroom wall. Install black flooring. Get the stunning look by installing shiny marble flooring. Tile is also what you can choose for the floor of your bathroom. Make the bathroom luxurious, stylish, and looks great though the items there.

Start working the project by building a concrete bathtub. A white bathtub with black inside is a cool choice. Get the black inside from black tiles. The white outside can be taken also from white tiles. Create the space where you put the wash basin.

A concrete wash basin can be built with white tiled cover. Yet, you may also have bowl sinks. Place them on the concrete stands. Use the space under it as storage. You just need to add doors to keep the condition inside. Hang a slim long mirror with white frame. Float it on the wall over the sink. Illuminate your activity of washing your hands or your face by hanging a silver pendant lamp.

Large white windows can be a good alternative to make the bathroom healthy and bright in the day. Greenery is always a nice thing to be done to end the design of your house. Take some plant pots and place them around your bathroom. Get a natural bathroom get a nice bath.

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