30 Extraordinary Small Dining Rooms and Zones

Not all people lucky to have a large home. Yet, it doesn’t matter. You are still able to create a comfortable residence for spending your days. Although your house is not big, you can fulfil all you need there, especially for having meals. If it is impossible to build a dining room, you may don’t do that. Just take a bit space you have. It can be one with the kitchen.

Can the space comfortable and cool? Of course yes. It can be more than cozy. You can make it stylish and you will love it. Where should you start working? You can begin by taking the space near the windows. It will give you a great view while you are enjoying the meals.

Use minimalist furniture for your dining zone. This is to keep the space cozy. Modern style is also good for you. You can play on contrast with it. Now, you can choose the design of the space. As it is not too large, you should use a simple color scheme. Choose wood color to paint the area. If it is possible, you can install light brown wood as the wall and also the ceiling. The large glass window that is franked by black frame adds the coolness of the space.

Get simple furniture with minimum details that make the spot looks more spacious. One you can apply is a wooden table that is floated on the wall. It will have no legs. The two benches that are used on the both sides of the table are also floated on the wall. This way gives a spacious impression for your small dining zone.

Make you enjoy by adding soft cushions on the bench. Think smart. As you have a small space, you must apply excellent storage. Save the space by having storage under the table for example. Decorate dining table with a small flower pot. Hang three black pendant lamps and enjoy your breakfast perfectly there.

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