30 Fantastic Party City Baby Shower Decorations

Party City Baby Shower Decorations will make your little angel feels comfortable and fun. The decoration that is usually applied is in charming and cheerful style. Most parents want to create fun atmosphere to their little one in the baby shower. Therefore, baby shower decoration is the great idea. There are many ways to decorate the baby shower that you can apply to make the party more interesting.

For the first idea, you have to determine the theme. It can be the basic idea for decoration. Girls or boys may have different design and theme. But you can use the gender-neutral theme depending on the party you are hosting. For the neutral theme, you can take the happy jungle decoration. It will consist of cute animal as the decoration that will make the party really fun. The animals can be applied as the pictures in the flags. The other idea is under sea them. It is really cute with the sea animal like whales and dolphins. They can be hanged by white rope with water effect.

On the table, you can take some decorations with Baby Shower Centerpieces for Tables. In this space, you can decorate with the beautiful lamps in unique shape. For special gift for your guests, you can make the lighting by yourself. It can be create using pink balloon and small vase. Take the balloon as the flower and set the light in the vase. When the light is turned on, the effect of the lighting will create charming looks.

You can also decorate the table by using tablecloth. This simple decoration will make the table looks amazing. Choose the cute picture of the tablecloth, like baby elephant, giraffe, lion or many kind of animal. For girls’ decoration, you can put the flower theme of the tablecloth. White pink or yellow can show the girls’ character. They are girly colors that make the table really run and more exited.
For baby boys, you can use the unique decorations.

One of the Unique Boy Baby Shower Themes that you can use is sailor. This adventure theme make the party feels awesome. Some decorations can be applied to create this theme. You can use the banners hanged on the wall. To make this unique decoration perfect, decorate it with ship and lighthouse. Choose the blue color to create the beach impression. Combine the decoration with the float and small cakes in ship shape.

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