31 Inspiring Teen Room Ideas

A place where most people spend their time is room. Not only being there for long time, but you’re also able to show your character freely through your room. You are free to put anything you like and design it as you want. What do inspiring teen room ideas look like?

After school and you feel tired of the lesson, of course you wish that you can lose it in your room. White wall and white ceiling can make you feel that your room is really large and clean. You can combine with wooden flooring. The brown wooden color is able to make you relax. It is also not too cold to step on when the weather is cold.

The existence of large class window can be used to let the sunlight and air circulation. So, there is no stuffy room anymore. If the sun is too hot in the day, you can work with white curtains. Use white dresser and glass cabinet or bookshelf to keep your diary or school kits. When you want to study at home, you can place white desk and white chair near the bookshelf. While on the dresser you may place black TV. Make it more wonderful with wine glass chandelier.

Then, by choosing a wooden couch, it will be harmonious with the wooden floor. Spoil you by lying down on the soft grey bed. Pair it with white pillows and white bolster. On the sides of the bed, place unique floor lamp and plastic purple flowers. The floor lamp will make you sleep comfortably because the light is not too bright. Beautify you room with a rug which has color combination of grey, purple, and dark brown. It perfects your teen room ideas.

You like to add some paintings or accessories there? You may hang a painting over the bed. And add accessories on the wall you like, but don’t make it too crowded. The teen room ideas can be combined with your own imagination. Just be happy being at your room.

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