32 Cool Minimalist Black and White Bathroom Designs

If you don’t like something warm and bright, it is better for you to create a cool black and white bathroom. Don’t apply bright colors like pink, red, green, yellow or other bright colors. Black will be great for you. It brings a strong and cold impression into the bathroom, while the white will absorb the strength of the black so it is not too dark and cold. Besides, it also gives a spacious impression to the room. The bathroom design that is made in a popular and very trendy black and white scheme presents a great feel as you wish.

Get the elegance of the bathroom firstly through the wall and other parts which form the room. Matt walls with stripped walls can be your choice. Combine the matt walls with high gloss cabinets. Get the spacious impression by painting the ceiling white.

Install black flooring. If you like to get the stunning look, shiny marble flooring is what you can choose. This can be combined perfectly by the furniture and appliances you need. Choose minimalist furniture with simple shapes and straight lines. This selection gives you a modern impression.

Just like a simple bathtub with black outside and white inside without any unnecessary details, it can be placed under the not clear glass windows. Silver shower in a glass cabin is a nice place for relaxing or refresh your head under the water. Shiny black cabinets that are floated on the wall look cool with shiny white wash basins. Install mirrors over it.

Simple shelves to store your stuff are possible to be presented there. Lose the monotonous of the bathroom by hanging a unique white and black painting on the wall. Add black wooden cabinets under it and beautify it with some black or white accessories. The furniture you use in the bathroom can be got from Noken.

One can’t miss in your bathroom is the lighting. It does not only fulfil your need of lighting, but also the greatness of its look. A cool black and white glass chandelier in the middle of the room is a good choice for you.

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