33 Beautiful Provence Dining Spaces

Many people want to have an amazing house. They don’t only want their house cozy, but also amazing that makes them really like staying at home. To get a wonderful house, each room in the house should be considered the design, including the dining room. That space must be cozy and amazing to make you enjoy the food you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There is a great design for you who like something chic but rustic. Or for you who also love vintage, negligent in the same time, Provence dining room is a good choice for your dream. This space will have many themes and impression that be mixed together. The room will be surely different from others you have ever seen.

Firstly, you can begin your way in designing your bedroom from the wall. Construct it in whitewashed stone walls. This way gives rustic impression to the room. Go on your way to the furniture selection. Go the furniture store and buy rustic furniture.

Simple and cool can you get only by having a wooden dining table which is let it without any paints, wicker chairs, and a wooden bench as its combination. Get the vintage feel by painting the chairs grey. Beautify the dining table with vintage feel. Get some potted lavender to be put on the table. It will be really charming when you have more than one color for the flowers.

Another idea to make your dream of getting a charming Provence dining space is through the ceiling. It can be really wonderful with wooden beams. Make it perfect by installing wooden flooring. The dark wooden flooring is cooler the light one.

One can be leaved in the lighting for the space. It has more than its function to illuminate the room but also add the greatness of the room. So, use classic chandeliers and candleholders. They will help you much in achieving your dream.

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