33 Cool Shabby Chic Kitchen Designs

Design your kitchen beautifully. Grab the best idea to do that. Make it as one of favourite places in your house. Enjoy your activity of preparing for your lovely family there. It is a starter to give a good quality of meals for them.

To make you get a kitchen which really yours, a shabby chic kitchen is a good choice for you. Select the chic colors, the charming furniture, and beautiful d├ęcor. Arrange them in the right place. Let them work together in creating a kitchen as you want. Your aim will be achieved.

The color is one of important things in designing a shabby chic kitchen. It has a big contribution and also determines the mood of the kitchen. To create a chic kitchen, you can paint the wall of the kitchen with shabby green. Combine it with cream ceiling and brown flooring. The brown flooring can be done through wooden floor.

The wooden flooring gives not only a cool look but also warmth. Add some moldings on the wall to make the wall more inviting. When the room is colored, you can choose the charming furniture. The shabby kitchen cabinets are the first one. Install them on the wall and on the wall. Use glass door kitchen cabinets on some cabinets. This way will make your cabinets look modern.

Protect the cleanness of a shabby chic kitchen by installing tiles as the backsplash. Then, dark cream countertop is also a good combination. Fill the middle of the kitchen with a decorative kitchen island with a shabby pink top. Use gold hardware to present a luxurious feel. Make it more charming with a decorative chandelier over the island. Add some accessories on it. A flower vase can be your choice.

Fill the vase with shabby pink flowers and green leaves. Look! It is chic. Add some accessories on the other spots in your kitchen. Use beautiful urns, plates, clock, or other things you have. Finally, you can get a shabby chic kitchen and enjoy cooking there. Get the chic kitchen, give the best food.

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