33 Enchanting Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean you lack of coziness and charm. It can be really as comfortable the big bedroom if you apply the right ideas. Think everything you have in the bedroom. Use all the space there well and effectively. Don’t let any space without giving a cool contribution to the room.

Be smart to make your purpose of designing a cool small bedroom achieved. You don’t need to worry of making your bedroom messy when you place everything you need there. It is a must for you to complete your bedroom with what you need there. Yet, it should be kept the comfort and also the coolness. What should you do?

When you work with a small bedroom, the firstly way to do is always make it looks spacious and larger than its real. This is the way to make it not seems small. Besides, it will also surely make you feel nice being there.

For that, you need to choose the bed which has more than one function. Does the space under the bed empty? It is sure. So, have some drawers under the bed. Use them to store your stuffs. If you don’t want to make it visible, you can let the bed sheet down to the floor and close them.

But, actually the drawers there will not break the comfort of the bed, so it would be ok when you don’t have a bed sheet that is reached to the floor. Do you install headboard with your bed? Use it as storage to. Build opened shelves. Use them to place your book collection. Keep it always tidy for a cool look.

Install two pendant lamps in the corner near the bed. The corner lights can add the dramatic feel to the bedroom. On the both sides, you can place simple tables. Add some table decoration to beautify it. Apply more amazing décor but not much. Arrange them in the right place. Think about its arrangement, too.

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