33 Glamorous Bedroom Decor Ideas

Glamour is always identic with something expensive and has great quality. The amazing design of the room, the use of luxurious furniture, the application of exclusive fabrics, and gold and roses that are applied on the accessories in the room are some things that are in a glamorous bedroom. It will be very suitable for anyone who loves luxurious thing.

There are many things that you can do to create a glamorous bedroom. Pink, charming vintage interior and other girly impression is today’s glamour. Besides, juicy colors are also what you can apply into your bedroom. They will make your bedroom cool more than what you wish.

Begin everything in designing your glamorous bedroom from the wall of the room. For who you want to make the bedroom cool, black is the best choice. Just cover the wall with black paints. Keep it without decoration. You will get it later.

Black ceilingin black can be the combination of the wall. Yet, the windows are better to be in white. Let the floor you install in the room covered by a black and white stripes rug. Just spread it out there.

Make you enjoy stepping there and get a beautiful look from the rug. A pink floral bed is more beautiful with pink and grey pillows. Two or three cream pillows are also welcome to be there. Don’t forget to install a headboard. Get the wonderful look that gives a glamour impression.

Two marble tables with luxurious stand can be placed on the both sides of the bed. The cream pattern marble tables will be very charming with pink flowers. Just put them in a cool vase. Install two wall lamps over the headboard. Take the cheap but has an expensive look. Decorate the black wall with beautiful things. Pink shelves and pink wall décor add the charm of the room.

Place a wooden sculpture in a black gown. A marble sculpture is also possible to get more glamour impression. Add a wide hat. This will be really cool and interesting in your bedroom.

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