33 Interesting Vintage Dining Rooms

One of many rooms in your house that needs to be designed is a dining room. When you have designed your kitchen, it is better to continue your way into your dining room. Design it as comfortable and interesting as possible. Grab the best ideas to achieve your aim.

Let’s apply vintage as the theme for your dining room. It will be really charming. Your appetite increases by the condition around and you enjoy the food. Where should you start your way? You can begin from the parts that form the room. The wall, floor, and ceiling should be in vintage. Usually they are on whitewashed. Yet, it may also play with natural wood to make the room more interesting.

Install wooden flooring. Continue to the ceiling. The wooden flooring and ceiling that are let on the original color food can give a rustic impression to the room. Apply the whitewashed to the wall. Paint it white. Insert a bit grey through the window and door frames. You can get more inviting vintage feel through the furniture.

Place a brown long wooden table in the middle of the room. Complete the dining table with long benches on the both sides. Make it different from the table by painting it grey. Go decorating using vintage accessories. Start by having white vases. Fill them with chic flowers. Take the purple, yellow flowers and green leaves among them. If you need more seats, you can add two chairs around the table.

Make you feel comfortable sitting by adding soft pads. Illuminate your dining room beautifully. Get the dramatic nuance by having dim lighting. An ancient pendant lamp in grey can be your choice. Hang it over the dining table. Turn it on when the night is coming. Have other charming vintage décor and apply into your dining room. Enjoy being in the room and enjoy your food.

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