33 Stunning Black and White Kitchen Designs

Design the place where you are cooking cool. Grab the wonderful ideas to help you working with the project. It is a good choice for you to apply black and white as the main color in your kitchen. Those colors will make your kitchen really cool.

Your activity of cooking will be one of favourite which you never want to miss it. Prepare meals happily for your family. Your family healthy starts from the stunning black and white kitchen.

How design your kitchen with black and white? It is not too hard. Just begin by applying the white on the ceiling. The white ceiling will make your kitchen look more spacious. It is also elegant. Continue designing your black and white kitchen by installing black kitchen cabinets. Combine the black kitchen cabinets with the white ones. It will be two tone kitchen cabinets.

Take a side of the wall to install black and white wallpaper. Color the rest of the wall with white. What’s the best color for your floor? White is a good choice for you. But, it is also possible to install grey floors to make the kitchen not too monotone.

In front of the kitchen cabinets, you can place an L kitchen island. Choose the white island with black in the middle. Then, take grey top on it. Make it look more interesting with a nuance of river. Complete it with kitchen tools and appliance.

Take the silver or stainless steels ones. Freshen it up with some green plants in black vase or pots. Place them on the island. If you like to get a great look, shake the black and white with red kitchen tools. Having meals there for sometimes is a good way to lose the monotonous activity of having meals in the dining room.

Illuminate the black and white kitchen with fresh pendant lamps. Take there orange pendant lamps and hang them over the kitchen island. Look! It is more stunning, right?

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