33 Terrific Modern Living Room Designs

Guests will be in your living room for the first time come to your house. Make them feel at home when visit you. Present the beautiful, elegant, luxurious, and cozy living room. You are able to make them come true through modern living room. There you can create beautiful, elegant, and cozy nuance by choosing the right color and good quality furniture. Then by selecting some gold accessories and gold decorative chandelier will bring the sense of glamour.

The modern living room wall can be formed by white wall and stone wallpaper on the one side of the wall. The wallpapers frank white wall. There, you can put a slim wall TV and light it with yellow wall lamps. On the both side, add black floor lamps. Next to the lamps you may add a sculpture and green plant pot. They will bring natural atmosphere and also chic.

Under the wall TV, you place a wooden short dresser where you can keep your favorite magazine there. Then, combine that with white ceiling and white ceramics flooring. Try to use high white ceiling to make your living room more spacious. In presenting glamour sense, you may add gold color on the edges of the ceiling.

By getting sunlight in the morning through glass large window can make your living room healthy and bright. Another to perfect your living room is by using a glass door. Glass door and window door would be a good combination in creating modern living room. Beautify the window with white curtains. Next, when your guests come, spoil them with soft beige sofa. Pair it with some puffs which have same color with the sofa. You may take different color of puffs, but try to keep them in harmony.

Add some cushions and beautify your living room by spreading a brown rug. To serve your guests snacks and drinks, you are able to use wooden coffee table. Over it, hang a gold decorative chandelier. It will shine your activity and make your living room luxurious. The gold accessories can be great alternatives to your terrific modern living room. In addition, you can use glass cabinets with gold trinkets inside it to separate your living room with another room.

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